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        Under the wise leadership of the Esteemed President, the material and technical base of the transport infrastructure of our country is being systematically strengthened. One of the main directions of the state policy to meet the growing demand for motor transport services in our country and ensure road safety is the training and retraining of transport drivers in accordance with international requirements, daily concern for the further improvement of this activity gives positive results. A good example of this is the construction along the Ashgabat-Dashoguz autobahn of such facilities as the administrative building of the Association of Automobile Schools of the “Turkmenawtoulaglary” Agency with a total area of 100380 m2, an auto-training site equipped with modern electronic equipment, covered parking lots with the ability to accommodate 52 cars, service and technical control rooms points.

       During a videoconference meeting with members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan on September 3, 2021, the President of Turkmenistan adopted the Resolution “On approval of the Regulations on the training and retraining of drivers of vehicles”. This Regulation is based on modern requirements for driver training and is an important guide in improving driver training, which in the future will be considered the original source in the transport industry.

       Activities for the training and retraining of drivers of vehicles in the Association of Automobile Schools of the Agency “Turkmenawtoulaglary” consists of a theoretical course, practical training, driving practice and passing exams based on the results of training. Theoretical and practical training is carried out in 14 training rooms in the administrative building of the Association, vehicle control training holds on testing devices equipped with electronic equipment, and on transport simulators, in workshops, on vehicles equipped with digital systems. The practice of driving a car is initially available at auto training sites, then, for the development and further improvement of driving skills, it continues on training cars in places of no traffic and outside settlements or in settlements with little traffic along a route previously agreed with the Road Supervision Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan. Students who have completed full training and retraining in accordance with the curricula and training and retraining programs for drivers of vehicles take an exam at a driving school, based on the protocol of the examination committee, they are issued a certificate of the established form on the completion of the relevant curricula and training and retraining programs for drivers vehicles.

       Training to improve the skills of drivers working in all industries is also provided by Automobile Schools. Advanced training is carried out in accordance with the relevant programs and plans from among drivers with the right to drive the relevant vehicles (categories “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”). In order to assign driver qualifications to drivers of vehicles, their employer, at their own expense, sends them to automobile schools for advanced training. The driver's qualification consists of the third, second and first categories and his highest category is the first category. At all enterprises where the driver works, regardless of the form of ownership, to the driver’s salary on the basis of his Driver’s Qualification Certificate (regardless of whether it was issued to him in the same organization or at the previous place of work) for the second category, an additional 10 percent of the monthly salary of labor earnings, for the first category - 25 percent of the monthly salary of labor earnings.

       Besides that, the Association of Automobile Schools is doing a lot of work to educate drivers on the rules for transporting dangerous goods across the country and on international roads. Training in this regard is carried out within the framework of the curriculum. The purpose of the implementation of the plan is to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities of a driver, and to identify the necessary skills for the professional activity of a driver who, in accordance with the legislation of our country, transports dangerous goods through the territory of Turkmenistan and on highways of international importance. With this aim, the Association conducts theoretical and practical classes, organizes final professional testing to assess the level and state of mastering educational programs by students, and provides those who have passed the test in the appropriate manner with a document.